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Stem Cell Therapy For Joints- Facts And Benefits

Stem cell therapy for joints
Stem cell therapy is like a miracle cure because it can be used to treat so many conditions ranging from removing wrinkles to even the arduous task of providing some spinal pain relief. One of the most common and interesting benefits it offers is stem cell therapy for joints. This […]
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5 Stem Cells Therapy Aftercare Tips

Doctor talking with patient after stem cell treatment
Stem cell therapy is usually conducted on an outpatient basis. This is because it does not require an overnight stay. However, like any other medical procedure, it needs some aftercare to ensure there are no complications. Besides, the right aftercare also shortens the recovery process and gives better after results. […]
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Stem Cells And Its Importance To Mankind

Stem cells are human body cells that can change into other cell types. They are also referred to as ‘shapeshifters’ and have of late increased in popularity because of their role in regenerative medicine. Stem cells have the potential and ability to become bone, muscle, cartilage and other specialized cell […]
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Top 8 Questions To Ask Stem Cell Clinics

Doctor With Patient
Is your knee pain making life miserable for you? Are you thinking of trying out Stem Cell Therapy that seems to offer a formidable joint pain treatment? Are you hesitant because you don’t know which stem cell clinic to approach? Don’t worry. This is a question that rings a bell […]
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Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Arthritis

Woman With Risk Pain
Stem Cells are a form of regenerative medicine that helps a patient’s body heal by replacing, repairing, and reconstructing damaged tissues. They do not have any specialized body task but can grow into a required cell. The specialty of stem cells is that they divide and duplicate themselves and differentiate […]
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What is PRP and how does it work?

  PRP is the acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma and is researched for its beneficial use in sports medicine and chronic pain treatment. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical, but permanent solution that encourages the body’s natural healing process. Platelets in the patient’s own blood are separated in a centrifuge […]
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