Is your knee pain making life miserable for you? Are you thinking of trying out Stem Cell Therapy that seems to offer a formidable joint pain treatment? Are you hesitant because you don’t know which stem cell clinic to approach?

Don’t worry. This is a question that rings a bell in most people’s heads while thinking about stem cell therapy. Here is some help in the form of questions to ask the clinics. The answers will help narrow down your options and finally choose the right clinic.

  • How much of experience do you have?

The success of any medical treatment depends on the surgeon’s or physician’s experience. The more experienced they are, the better are the outcomes of the procedure.

Surgeons generally consider themselves to be competent upon successfully completing 20-50 procedures. Similarly, your physician should have performed at least 20-40 stem cell therapies for knee pain.

  • What data do you collect and report?

Find out how and what information the clinic collects. It should be more than the information acquired through a phone call. It should preferably include completing a questionnaire about your pain level before and after the therapy, how your knee functions after the therapy and if there were any complications.

Ask them where the data will be stored. It should be indexed in a registry that other physicians can access to review the data. This way the entire medical community learns about the therapy, its effectiveness and where improvements can be made.

  • What is your specialty?

Make sure the physicians at the stem cell clinic are board-certified in your chosen stem cell therapy. As you are looking for joint pain relief, look for a specially trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon in injection-based care into joints.

  • What is your cell source?

With stem cells located in every part of the body, it’s important you know which cells will be using on you because not all stem cells are similar. The stem cells best for knee pain are sourced from adipose tissue, or the fat layer under the skin, and from the bone marrow.

Between the two, blood marrow stem cells are a better option and used by the more reputable and trusted stem cell clinics. Blood platelets may help for mild joint arthritis but it’s not enough for larger areas.

  • Which harvesting technique do you use?

This is important because stem cells are harvested in different ways. Liposuction is used to harvest stem cells from fat cells. In the case of the bone marrow, the stem cells are harvested through bone marrow aspiration.

This procedure needs lots of experience and should be done with some imaging guidance. Avoid physicians who do not use any imaging guidance because they may end up aspirating blood cells without stem cells instead of bone marrow with stem cells. Also, find out if the stem cell clinic has an on-site cell biology lab to confirm the right stem cells have been harvested.

  • Do you count the sampled cell dosage?

Just like dosage is important while administrating medicine, the number of stem cells in the dose is important. Counting stem cells ensure how many cells you have or need because sufficient cells maximize the chance of successful treatment.

  • Do you use anything that can kill stem cells?

Medications like most local anesthetics used for numbing the area can kill stem cells. The stem cell clinch should only use ropivacaine to numb the region because it’s safe for stem cells.

Even steroid injections can kill cartilage and other stem cells. There are also some prescription medicines that can hamper the stem cells’ effects. Stem cell clinics that do not mention all these additives and drugs are not professionals at stem cell therapy and are best avoided.

  • What is your success rate?

Last, but not least, ask the stem cell clinic about their success rate. Don’t trust clinics stating they have a 98-100% success rate because it’s a lie. Even then best clinics may have complications and cases where the patients don’t respond well to the treatment, no matter how well trained and experienced the doctors may be.

Knowing the answer to these 8 questions should help you choose the best stem cell clinic to finally get rid of your knee pain trauma.

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